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Toyota Thai League


Web site for the Toyota Thai League 1 (Thai: ไทยลีก 1). Commonly known as the T1, it is a Thai professional league for Football Association of Thailand clubs. At the top of the Thai football league system, it is the country's premier football competition. The site also covers Omsin League Pro, Omsin League, M150 Championship, Toyota League Cup, Chang Fa Cup.

We developed frontend for the whole site. Our partner company from Thailand developed the backend using Wagtail CMS (Python). This site contains 13 template web pages. It is integrated with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. An administrator can add news and articles, edit lists of players, teams, sponsors.

Org details:

Agile project management. Our company was doing all the frontend and the Thai partner company was handling backend based on Wagtail CMS. The project was deployed to production in 3 parts each with increasing functionality.

Tech details:

Our partner chose to use Wagtail CMS for the backend. And CMS of such kind doesn't work with Angular directly. That's why we developed frontend without Angular at all. Yet in parallel, our company conducted research on how to use these two effective solutions altogether. Now, we can develop such solutions. See Wagtail+Angular8 demo application in our portfolio.